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DIYNA Box Mod Complete

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DIYNA Box Mod Complete
Part Number: DIYNA Box Mod
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DIYNA Box Mod by Fluid Industries

Fully Assembled, Machined & Anodized Box Mod with Evolv DNA40 chip
(Available as a DIY Kit also)

Single 18650 battery
Easy access to battery (sliding door cover, available in different colors)
Temperature Controlled
Power: 1-40 watts
Voltage: 1-9.0 Volts
Atomizer Resistance, Standard wire: .16 ohm-2.0 ohms (Typical .7ohm)
Atomizer Resistance, Temp.sensing wire: .10 ohm-1.0 ohm (Typical .4 ohm)
Temperature Limit: 200F-600F (Typical 450F)

On Color Options: Please be sure to select correct box color and door color.

Dimensions: Length 3.1 inch (80 mm),Width 1.9 inch (50 mm) Depth .9 inch (20.2 mm)

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