The New York City Council Committee on Health announced a bill (T2019-3592) Banning the Sale of Flavored E-Cigarette/Vaping Products in New York City.

Public Hearing set for January 30, 2019 at 1 pm at city hall.


Please join us at the public hearing on January 30, 2019.

We need all vapors and shop owners to attend the hearings that surround Suffolk County. Many of you may be thinking this does not affect because you do not live in NYC or you do not use flavors- This absolutely affects your ability to get these products. If flavors are banned- stores will be forced to close.  Suffolk County will be heavily influenced by their decision.

If you are unable to attend, please call the committee members and oppose T2019-3592, which would ban the sale of flavored E-cigarette/vaping products in New York City.

Explain to them that you used an e-cigarette to quit smoking. Tell them:

-How much you used to smoke

-Which flavors you have used

-How long you have been smoke free!

-Why flavors

Committee Members

Mark Levine (Chair)    212-788-7007 & 212-928-6814

Keith Powers               212-788-7393 & 212-818-0580

Mathieu Eugene         212-788-7352 & 718-287-8762

Alicka Ampry-Samuel 212-788-7387 & 718-953-3097

Inez Barron                 212-788-6957  & 718-649-9495

We also need to keep emailing and calling Suffolk County Health Committee Members

William Spencer-Chair [email protected] 631-854-4500

Bridget Fleming-ViceChair [email protected] 631-852-8400

Robert Calarco [email protected] 631-854-1400

Leslie Kennedy [email protected] 631-854-3735

Monica R. Martinez [email protected] 631-853-3700

Rudy A. Sunderman [email protected] 631-852-1300

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