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TFM-Welding Tab

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Welding Tab
Part Number: Welding Tab
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Welder for Coils


  • .2 seconds or less in a short charging time
  • specially designed atomize appointed
  • mounted the charge voltage indicator
  • apply to the discharge button
  • Welding voltage, the selection switch for checking the battery voltage applied
  • built in Lithium battery charging circuit(1000mah)

Welding voltage range : 5v-56v
Margin of error: +/ -0.4%
Input voltage: DC 3.5v to 35v
Maximum input current: up to 3A
Output current: Continous 2A/3A intermittent
Battery: AA 3.7V 14500 standard rechargable lithium-based batteries (Not Included)
Battery Charging: 5 pin Micro USb input charging circuit 1000ma 9input DC 5v)

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