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Fluid Flask by Fluid Industries
Fluid Flask by Fluid Industries

Fluid Flask

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High-Quality US made Cartomizer Tank
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The Packaging for the Flask has changed since its release. Also, only the first 100 Flasks came with Certificates which was many, many Flasks ago. If you're looking to buy tubular packaging, sorry, we don't sell packaging. If you're looking for an extremely high-quality, modular tank, then you're in luck because that's what we are selling:)

The Fluid Flask is a High-Quality cartomizer tank with a modular design which will allow for it to evolve and be upgraded/re-configured without having to purchase a whole other unit.

We are working on different designs for both the sleeves, and the tips, and they will be available separately so if you wanted to change the look you can do so.

We are also working on a drop in rebuild-able Atty kit for the Standard size Flask.

The XL will hold a usable 3ml. The standard size Flask holds a usable 2ml. Meaning, because of the fill design, you quickly,easily, and cleanly top the tank off completely. Not like most other tanks where you end up filling it 80-90%. 

The Fluid Flask consists of:
(1) SS Threaded Lower Cap
(1) SS Speed-Fill Upper Cap
(1) SS Speed-Fill Drip Tip
(1) 6061 Grade Aluminum Sleeve
(1) PETG Tube (CNC cut) 
(5) Buna-N O-Rings

The Fluid Flask is designed in house, and machined locally, using only high-quality materials. FDA Kitchen grade SS Speed-Fill Tip,and upper and lower caps. The aluminum sleeve which doesn't make contact with any liquid, is aircraft grade 6061, and the O-rings are high quality Buna-N which are FDA compliant and NSF-certified. The tube material is PETG, (FDA compliant resins) which has resisted our crack testing, and is now CNC cut. 

Fused Quartz Tubes are available.

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